University of Louisville, School of Medicine
Jortani Clinical Trials Laboratory


Jortani Clinical Trials Laboratories
Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
University of Louisville School of Medicine
Louisville, Kentucky 40292

Mission:  To provide test development, verification and validation services to  in vitro diagnostic companies.

We have over 20 years of experience providing support services to diagnostic companies.  Examples of such services include:
  • Preclinical Studies
  • Enrollment of unique or general patient populations
  • Verification studies
  • FDA clinical trials of new diagnostic tests
Staff:  In our Clinical Trials Laboratory, the majority are full-time or part-time employees at our two hospital partners' clinical laboratories.  These individuals are employed by the Department of Pathology and Lab Medicine to work in JCTL.  They all have completed HIPAA training and certfication.
  • Three Physicians
  • A PA
  • A Nurse
  • Five board-certified medical technologists
  • A phlebotomist
  • A board certified clinical chemist 
  • A laboratory technician
  • A lab manager MS, MT(ASCP)
Access to Specimen:  Our Clinical Trials Laboratory has access to specimens from two large hospitals and several clinics.  These include:
  • A large academic tertiary care center with level-one trauma services
  • A second hospital specializing in transplants, cardiac, cancer and geriatric care
  • An ambulatory care center clinical laboratory
  • Various private clinics such as a large urology clinic
Access to Analyzers:  Through our relationship with two hospitals and various clinics in the Louisville metro area, JCTL has access to automated instruments from companies such as:
  • ORTHO Clinical Diagnostics
  • Siemens Diagnostics
  • Beckman Coulter
  • Roche Diagnostics

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